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Aircraft Management

WindyCity Aviation (WCA) provides comprehensive turn-key management services for single and multi-engine piston,  turbo-prop and jet aircraft.  Whether operating your aircraft for business or pleasure, WCA is available to assist from the initial purchase to the eventual sale and/or upgrade!

Aircraft Management ServicesCessna 182

  1. Aircraft Hangar and Storage
  2. Airframe & Avionic Maintenance
  3. Subscription Updates
  4. Aircraft Cleaning
  5. Fuel Discounts
  6. Insurance – Fleet Policy Program
  7. Leaseback Management (if enrolled)

For a more detailed description of these services, please click here.

Furthermore, we monitor the maintenance and status of your aircraft on a daily basis.  This includes tracking, planning and scheduling routine inspections as well as proactively addressing non-scheduled maintenance to ensure your aircraft is available when you need it.  In addition, WCA monitors the status of required safety equipment and ensures compliance with other FAA requirements for operations in accordance with 49 CFR parts 61, 91 and 135 (where applicable).

For owners looking to generate revenue with their aircraft, WCA offers a leaseback program that is analyzed monthly and is a proven solution to aircraft owners looking to offset the costs of ownership.

To find out more about our 22 years of professional aircraft management services, please contact Stewart Kerr at (847) 808-1188.


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